The goal of this project is to form a coherent portrait of the movement, composed of reportages and still images explaining its roots, focused on the role of scouting and its impact.

We measure the value by what social impact something or someone can cause

The project will be curved into a photo book, split into two parts: Origins — a history of scouting told by its members, customs, and throughout emblems from around the world — followed by three steps of the scouts’ personal development – the Impact, Individual Development – how they grow within themselves, Self-Empowerment within the group, and Community Service – what they give to others: .

It is the first contemporary documentary on scouting, not only simply describing historical facts but going in-depth with a relationship that they bond over the process and grow as a person.

Taking you on a journey on the first pages of this book: it slowly answers questions on how different it is from what I (You) know; interviews and their customs – detailed information on the differences between them coming from 100 years of history of scouts and variety of places. While you spend time going through pages with them You see how do they develop, why they spend time with each other, and what are their challenges. Finally, how do they impact others.


Scouting empowers men and women in each part of the world. It creates a pathway for understanding our surrounding. It creates an environment for the youth to explore the world and to develop them individually, with a leader’s mentorship.

But also, it can help to grow national identity while on a refuge, away from home- to understand the cultural aspect of who we are and what are our roots.

The above aspects put scouting in an important part of a global community, and this is why I believe those stories should be gathered as one.

Particularly it is important for me to examine the workflow, as it makes the impact, which states the value of an idea – measured by what it causes.

During the time of the project I hope to showcase stories of scouts, whose environment is influenced by the political situation of their country or cultural aspects, and how they work within their environment. The final result will be a body of work that I hope to exhibit in scout halls and galleries, but most of all – to create a book.

With a help of The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), I have access and the support of scouts from all around the world.

The Impact

I hope to finish with a great material for scouts, delivering a tool in order to talk about topics covered in the stories, touching the Sustainable Development Goals of UN: a list of 17 challenges we, the people, face to achieve for more sustainable future for all.

But also, foremost, I think Scouting can be a catalyst – an accelerating environment for the process. Most of the society can relate to scouting, this is a familiar idea that provides a stable ground for further thinking on the common and global problems, on culture, religion, and politics.

Syrian Scout Leaders preparing for activities during Canakkale Camp


I have started working on this project while studying photojournalism at London College of Communication in London, focusing on the group of Polish Scouts in London, a young generation within old traditions of Polish scouting, giving me to understand a feeling of how they can let off steam in a safe, moral, environment.

Later, I went to Palestine to research the current state of youth under very hard political circumstances, finding scouts to build understanding and openness. Maybe giving them a small window to look through. Lately, I had a great pleasure to meet Syrians in Turkey, working with their national identity matters and creating a familiar environment for the kids in the new country.

Risks and challenges

I assume the whole project will take three years, under the framework of the Development Goals and global issues listed by the UN and aspects related to human rights. This is a time-consuming three-years-long project that I am ready for.

I am a professional, London College of Communication graduate photographer with experience in the media industry and international affairs. I have a range of skills in media and marketing, ranging from graphic design, videography, and web design to curating exhibitions and organizing events.