Icelandic bananas

So, over 5 years ago I told my friend: Iceland has the biggest plantation of bananas in Europe. He laughed. And it's topic he laughs about each time we see each other.

It's at 1 a.m. I walk alone on the road next to Hveragerdi thinking about bananas. This time I browse it in Icelandic and it says that the University of Agriculture in Iceland does research on bananas. I check where it is - 100km north from Reykjavik. Ok. I spend two days on glaciers in the south with a friendly Glacier Guides and since I need to go back to Reykjavik I know my next destination is the University of Agriculture, but first I go towards Hveragerdi which happens to be one of the areas with geothermal fields and I really want a warm bath.

Next ride stops over (i am hitchhiking), 80 years old Icelandic man, in the next 2 min he's showing me his album with pictures from Arizona from the 60s, then of his house in Reykjavik. I ask what did he do till his retirement. He says he used to work in greenhouses and he studied and worked on the University of Agriculture...
I ask where the bananas are, he says that they are in the same place as in the '60s, in Hveragerdi.
Gates are open, no one's in the area, but he knows exactly where we're going. Bananas are next to greenhouses he used to work in. He knows the side door, we step In laughing. I can see coffee, flowers, and bananas.

such a nice little story from before the Moot in 2017